Our New Website

Spurr Music Empire has increased their on line web presence. Using tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and their own website. We are now showcasing the different clients that they represent and giving you an opportunity to get in touch with them, as well as keeping you updated with the activities taking place in the empire

In 2005, we launched the first version of the website, which featured Kevin Downwell and his musical works. As the organization grew, the site took the form of a platform on which we would host the different  sites of the clients, providing them with a way to have a web presence of their own. 

With the proliferation of social media and other on line tools that make it easy for fan to keep in touch with our clients. We decided to focus our site more on the work and activities of the organization and provide a strong interface link to the website and different social networking tools of our client. This move gives us a wider reach, we are now joining networks, rather then trying to build our own. 

Site Layout and Features

On the home page of our new website, you are greeted with our brand and a photo of the clients doing what they do best. Clicking the photo, takes you to the information page for that client. There you will find more details about the client, what they do, where they will be, as well as links to their other online resources. 

The home page also displays a preview of the most recent news item or featured article published on the site. Clicking the "read more" link on the preview takes you to the article in its fullness. Also included on the homepage is a section our latest tweets from twitter, and the faces of some of our facebook friends.

Positioned for the future

Our new website is developed with the view of it becoming the source that provides the public with information about the organization, as well as the point through which our clients will connect to get vital information and to access the services that we offer. 

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Wendell Lawrence - 2012-02-29
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