What is Christmas Really?

What is Christmas really?

Is it the date of Jesus birth?
Is it a day when we celebrate the day when He was born?
Should we celebrate His birth or his death?
Is it a day that we should spend with family and friends, with the tree and gifts? Why?
Is it just a day that inspires a season of heavy commercial activity?
Is it a plan of the devil to distract us from knowing Jesus?

I think Christmas day inspires a season when we all should take a closer look at the fact that Jesus was born as a gift from God. In taking that look, we should be inspired to look closer at the way we live our lives, in relation to what God has given us. What do you think Christmas is?

This Christmas (written by Wendell Lawrence)

I know ... It's Christmas again
And we show ... The love to family and friends
But no ... Well never stop to think,
That Jesus Christ is the reason for this breeze

We go ... wherever money takes us
And we glow ... So longs as is sustains us
But oh no ... We never let bother us
That poor man who sits there in the street
No food to eat, no one to greet.
Would Jesus leave him there?
.... Ah .... Would Jesus even care?

This Christmas time,
Let us not just burst the wine
Let us do what we are doing, all for Jesus
Let us shine a light so bright, and keep Jesus in our sight
Hes the reason why we have this day called Christmas

Don't mek it fool you,
Di cute likle smile pon di chile
If him neva bawn, den mi sure satan woulda rule you

If a neva fi Jesus birth.
God gift to this earth
(Real) temptation woulda confus you

Real times rough life hard life
A nuff yute no know dey hope
And God can help to

Sought out di ting,
No mek Christmas lef yu
Dont mek it Leave you No

If a neva fi di birth if Christ
You and I neva enjoy
Such joy and peace in life
So don't hide the love
Just take your time
And make a sacrifice
Give all you can to the likle man
You might just save his life

Some time we find we self in a spot
When all somebody want a some food from yu pot
How yu aga tell di yute its not about that
When he want some food fi eat

You pass and see the people dem a stuggle in the lane
Just done recover from a likle hurricane
Least you can offer is a piece a sugar cane
But all you a do is just add to them pain


Jesus came, and, there's,
No doubt about it
If you believe it or not, the fact still remains
Theres No doubt about it

Yes He died on the cross for all who was lost
And No doubt about it
Yes He went away, hes is coming back, and thats a fact
No doubt no no no doubt.



Wendell Lawrence - 2007-11-07
...Inspiring Positive Movement !