Inspire the Nation

Background :: You know, Jamaica is said to be the number one Third World murder capital despite having so many churches every square mile. This kind of statistic in addition to a daily report of killings and other acts of violence is sure to bring a shadow of hopelessness to those citizens who hold their country dear to them. Still, those who believe in the power of having hope and great faith knows that Jamaica is a blessed country with people willing to do anything to see their country prosper and be reconciled into the spirit of intuitiveness and hopefulness again. There is certainly no doubt that our athletes, for example, have ignited specks of hopefulness into our hearts. There is no doubt that there are others doing similar remarkable acts, that when highlighted, they also carry a message of inspiration and positive movement.

Project Description :: SPURR Music Empire will be recording Public Service Announcements where Gospel Artistes will make statements of inspiration to highlight and encourage those persons doing good in our nation. The first in the series is called “God is watching”, where we are sending the message that:

In spite of the fact that there bad around us, there is also good. To the persons who are doing good, keep on doing good, keep on building our country, even if you don’t make the front page
– God is watching.

To the persons who are doing evil, just stop, you are destroying the country that others have worked so hard to build, and even though you may not be caught
– God is watching.

Wendell Lawrence - 2009-01-23
...Inspiring Positive Movement !