Jesus Famous 2015

Junior Tucker is back and behold so many things are NEW! He is launching his NEW Church called "True Word and Worship" on November 6th, 2015 at the NEW Kingston Shopping Centre, where the Church calls home for its weekly Friday services. 

Tucker is on a mission to play his part in making Jesus even just a tad bit more famous so he is painting the town red on the night after his church launch. “Jesus Famous”  is the name of his NEW single... “Jesus Famous” is the name of his NEW album and “Jesus Famous” is the name of his NEW annual family concert... all of this happening at the NEW Kingston Shopping Centre

“Jesus Famous” can be easily compared to a marketing you know the four "Ps" of marketing? They are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This is how we contextualize “Jesus Famous”:

Jesus gave us the free product of salvation

Jesus paid the price of sin once and for all 

Jesus completed this transaction at a place called Calvary

Jesus will get our promotion in all we do

We look forward to an awesome time on November 7th. DJ Marshi Redz will charge the atmosphere with a worship party at 6pm then the launch will feature Junior Tucker and friends including Papa San, Carlene Davis, Paul Blake, Latoya H-D, Kimola Brown-Lowe, Perpetual Praise and others. 

Admission is FREE and the new album will be on sale so you can't afford to miss it!

Spurr Music Empire - 2015-10-21
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