Video Release - "You Make Me Stronger"

On the heels of a very successful UK tour, Kevin Downswell, one of today's premier Gospel Recording Artiste, has released the video for his smash- hit song "You make me Stronger". The song has become a crowd favorite, both here in Jamaica and abroad, and has transcended the Christian sect to also becoming a true inspiration to many outside of the church.

Spanish Scene

Terminal 4 Media, the directors behind the video, did a great job bringing to life the true meaning of this song which involves a number of multi- cultural scenes, fittingly displaying the ambiance a truly inspirational song; The video involves a Spanish segment, as well as an African segment, the most inclusive scene however is that from Kevin Downswell's former community of Maxfield Avenue. He describes this scene as his favorite.

Mr. Downswell also added "I'm grateful that I could have gone back to where I came from to have those who I grew up with share in this song and to be some sort of inspiration. Most of these youths growing up in the inner city and elsewhere look up to me as a positive role model and I think that I’m truly blessed because of that. God really makes us stronger and I’m a living testimony that with God, one can do anything, no matter where they come from.”

African Scene

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Kevin Downswell Ministries - 2013-07-05
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