I Fed One Project Information 2011

Since 2008, the I FED ONE Family has lead hundreds of volunteers through the streets of the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) and some areas of SpanishTown in Jamaica, West Indies, to give food to the homeless, who otherwise might not have had a cooked meal at Christmas. The initiative is spearheaded by three (3) organizations: Spurr Music Empire, Fruitful Trees and Shekinah Ministries. The project has issued over 2,000 meals since its inception and our participants demonstrate remarkable passion and commitment to the cause - “we just can't stop.”

Each year, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has allowed us the use of six (6) buses (each with seating capacity of just over 50). These large public buses are used to transport our volunteers from the dispatch centre to all the distribution locations where we all participate in handing food to our special guests (the homeless). Built in the late 19th century as the home of the island’s first black millionaire and ranked by National Geographic as the fourth best place in the world to eat ice cream, Devon House has been our dispatch station since inception.

A real 2-course Christmas dinner is served to the homeless each year. This meal included chicken and/or fish, rice, gungo peas or red/kidney beans, the native Jamaican Christmas drink, sorrel and Jamaican Christmas fruit cake. Some of our participants donate cash, groceries for us to prepare the Christmas meals, and others have even prepared cooked meals.

Volunteering and Participation

Each year we offer the opportunity to participants to be involved in the following ways:

Donate a meal: At the heart of this project is the invitation for each participant to share one serving from their Christmas dinner in a disposable lunch box and donate it to this project - hence the name, "I Fed One". However, if a participant is desirous of donating more than one meal, we will not turn away such kindness. These meals are checked by our Culinary Manager to ensure consistency with our standards before serving to our guests.

Donate time: Volunteers travel the streets with us and help distribute meals to our homeless guests. All volunteers are required to pre-register online or by phone by a given deadline and report to our dispatch station at the specified on the day of the project. See section on important dates. Participants are required to wear black or dark blue jeans and white shirts (preferably plain white but moderately designed white tops are acceptable) for uniformity.

Donate cash: The budget is estimated at over J$700,000 to cover the cost of items on our shopping list. Online registrants may pay financial contributions online at www.ifedone.org.  

Donate grocery: Generally, our shopping list is as follows:

  • Meats - chicken, ham and fish; 

  • Dry Groceries - rice, peas, oil, ketchup, etc; 

  • Market items - seasonings, spices, vegetables, etc; 

  • Juices/drinks – sorrel, bottled, bagged, powdered mixes, concentrates; 

  • Drinking water - bottled spring or purified water; 

  • Deserts - Baked cakes and/or other pastries

    Areas We Cover

    Throughout the time we have covered major routes in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) and areas of SpanishTown:

  • From Papine along hope road and into new Kingston and Cross Roads

  • From Manor park along constant spring road and into Half Way Tree

  • From Half Way Tree along Hagley Park Road and unto Molynes Road

  • From Dunrobin Avenue along Washington Boulevard into Spanish Town Square

    How to Register

    Step 1 - Provide name and contact information

    If a participant is registering on his/her own on our website, he/she will be required to have a valid email address. In the absence of an email address, a participant can register by phone; one of our Registration Officers will register him/her over the phone.

    Step 2 Specify participation

    Each registering participant is required to select his/her preference of involvement.

    Step 3 - Just do it

    Each participant is encouraged to keep checking our website for updates and reminders.

    Our Internet Portal

    All public information on this project can be found on our website www.ifedone.org. Registering for participation online is quick and easy, and this provides us with real time information as the registration is complete. We’ve also added a direct link on our website to PayPal to facilitate online financial contributions.

    We encourage all site users to leave testimonials of their experience with I Fed One, as well as click “like” on our facebook page at http://facebook.com/ifedone; our facebook page has pictures of previous projects.

    Important Dates

    This project is extremely important to us and so it is paramount that all participants pay very keen attention to our time schedule as shown below.





Registration Deadline

Dec 18th


Website or Contact us

Submit Cash and Grocery Donations

Dec 18th

3:00 pm

Contact us


Dec 21st

3:00 pm

Email, Phone and Website

Report to base

Dec 26th

9:00 am

Devon House

Plans for the future

The vision of I Fed One speaks is to provide a way of involvement for the average citizen who does not have a charitable organization of their own but would like to have “hands on” involvement in helping people. This charitable support will involve providing Food, Education and Development to the less.

We intend to cover multiple projects similar to our current Christmas Feeding Project and facilitate other outreach ventures across the Caribbean and the rest of the World. 

We will seek to partner with and also establish other organizations to provide further help to those among us who need it. For example, instead of only providing a meal to a homeless person on a given day, we would like to take him or her off the streets, and provide further development including education and or skills training, therefore equipping them to not only help themselves but to also help others.

We intend to facilitate a large multinational global network of volunteers and other resources to promote a culture of selfless giving. We believe that it is through selfless giving that one receives the greatest joy.


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