About Spurr Music Empire

SPURR Music Empire is an organization that was founded out of Wendell’s desire to structure and organize artist management and representation services

The name SPURR Music Empire was derived from the objective of creating an entity that could inspire positive movement, both in the music industry and in all other aspects of human life, through the use of music and musical influences, with all technology available.

SPURR aims to be prosperous in all its operations, by putting God [who expressed his love to humans through His son Jesus Christ] first in all its endeavors.
Today, the operations of SPURR Music Empire can be classified in the form of Artist Representation and Music Distribution.

Our Services

SPURR is committed to the highest level of Artist Representation and Music Services for our clients. Our areas of service include the following:

  • Artist Management
  • Booking Administration
  • Product Development
  • Music Distribution

Our Vision

The vision of SPURR is to provide a framework through which an artist can grow and develop a career using their “art”. The members of an artist’s team or group will essentially experience the same structure and calculated growth from which life and family planning can be experienced.

Our Mission

The mission of SPURR is to use music and musical influences to inspire positive movement both in the industry, and well as in all other areas of human life.